4 Major Mistakes To Avoid After Being Arrested For A DUI

Being arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious situation that can have long-term repercussions. Dealing with the situation properly is essential if you want to limit the problems that the charge can cause. If you have been charged with a DUI, avoid the following major mistakes.

Not Hiring an Attorney

As soon as you're released from jail after being arrested for driving under the influence, the first thing you should do is hire an experienced DUI attorney. Many people make the mistake of trying to represent themselves in court because they are afraid that an attorney will be too expensive. While it is true that a talented DUI attorney can charge high fees, it is in your best interest to pay them. Your attorney will understand how to collect evidence, create a defense, and communicate with the prosecution. 

Continuing to Drive a Vehicle

In many states, your driver's license is automatically suspended if you are arrested on a DUI charge. If you live in a state that has this law, it is imperative that you do not drive an automobile while you're waiting for your case to go to court. Driving on a license that has been suspended due to DUI is not a smart move, and if you happen to get pulled over, you will find yourself in a lot of trouble legally. Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to petition the court for a provision that legally allows you to drive back and forth from work or school.

Failing to Appear in Court

If you have been charged with a DUI, it is essential that you pay very close attention to all of the dates and times that you are ordered to be in court. Make sure you arrive at the court house early so you have ample time to go through security and locate your assigned courtroom. Do not miss a single court date. Doing so can result in you being found guilty, and it is possible that a bench warrant for your arrest can be issued depending on the circumstances of your case.

Assuming that Your Case is Hopeless

Being charged with a DUI does not necessarily mean that you will be found guilty in a court of law. A great attorney will work hard to present a strong defense on your behalf. In some cases, it is also possible that the breathalyzer used at the scene was not calibrated properly and results from blood tests can be inaccurate.

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