Making Summer Plans? How To Avoid Problems With Your Child Custody Arrangements

If your recent divorce involved custody issues, you'll want to make sure those are resolved as quickly as possible, especially with summer vacation coming up. Divorce is never a fun issue to deal with, especially when children are involved. However, they can be slightly less stressful if you've handled the custody issues before summer vacation arrives. Here are four steps that will help you avoid custody issues this summer.

Make Sure Your Summer Schedule is Locked In

When you're trying to hammer out custody arrangements, those summer months can be particularly trying, especially when you're dealing with so many different variables, including work schedules, and co-parent wishes. To make sure there's no room for error, it's best that you have the summer schedule locked in by court order before the vacation begins. That way, you know exactly how much time you have with your child, including when you're supposed to pick your child up, and when they need to be returned. If the final custody orders have not be implemented before vacation begins, talk to your custody attorney about getting temporary summer custody orders in place for the time being.

Request Changes to the Schedule as Early as Possible

If the permanent custody orders are in place already, and you need to make some changes, be sure to request those changes early. It's not up to the other parent to change their plans if you've waited until the last minute to ask for changes. It's also important to remember that last-minute schedule changes will affect your child, as well. If you do request changes, be sure to explain why those changes are necessary to your child.

Be Willing to Make Adjustments as Your Child Gets Older

Your child may be fine with the summer custody orders right now, but that doesn't mean that will stay the same once your child gets older. As children mature, summer months become much more important to them, especially when they have friends and extracurricular activities. Because of that, it's important that you be willing to make adjustments to the summer custody orders as your child gets older.

Remember to Remain Current on Your Child Support Payments

If you've been ordered to pay child support, it's important to remember that those orders are in affect during the summer months too. That means, you shouldn't alter the payment schedule simply because you have your child with you during a portion of the summer. Altering the child support payments during the summer, without obtaining a modification through the courts first, could cause some serious legal problems for you. If you do need a modification for summer custody payments, be sure to request a modification through the courts first.

Now that summer is here, use the tips provided here to help you avoid custody issues. If you have questions or concerns about your summer custody orders, be sure to speak to a custody attorney near you, such as Patricia L Riddick PLLC Atty.