3 Keys To Arguing That Allergies Led To Your Bloodshot Eyes

When a police officer pulls you over for any traffic violation, he or she will perform a visual assessment to discern whether you might be under the influence of alcohol. Bloodshot eyes are a telltale issue for many people who have been drinking, but eyes with this appearance don't always suggest intoxication. Many people have bloodshot eyes due to allergies, but simply telling the officer that you have allergies won't necessarily be enough to prompt him or her to send you on your way.

The officer could ask you to perform some field sobriety tests and, because you know you haven't been drinking, you might opt to refuse. This may lead to a charge, but one that your attorney can quickly get dismissed with the right evidence. Here are three keys to arguing that you had bloodshot eyes from allergies.

1. Show Evidence Of Your Allergies

It's not simply enough for your attorney to argue that your allergies caused your bloodshot eyes. He or she will have to provide evidence, and this is doable in a number of ways. If you've seen your family doctor for allergy-related issues or you go to an allergy specialist, a note from either medical professional will provide solid evidence to support your claim. If no medical professional is aware of your allergies, you can provide receipts (dated before the traffic stop) that show you've been regularly buying allergy medication.

2. Have Family Members Support You

When you suffer from allergies, those around you will often be aware of your plight. To further build evidence of your claim, your attorney may opt to interview several close family members and ask them about your allergy symptoms. The attorney is looking for them to explain how bloodshot eyes are something that you commonly have to deal with when you've been exposed to the allergens that bother you.

3. Go For Testing

It's possible that you strongly suspect that you have allergies, but don't really have an authoritative way to back up your claim. This can be trouble when you're dealing with a legal issue, so your attorney may actually recommend that you go for allergy testing. Attorneys often work closely with medical professionals, and going to an allergy specialist can get you tested for whatever might be causing your bloodshot eyes. The testing can occur quickly so that your attorney will be armed with some ammunition to fight your charge and hopefully get it dropped.

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