Why You Need A Criminal Attorney?

When you have been arrested for a serious crime then you want to be sure you get an attorney for your self immediately. In fact, your first phone call should be to secure yourself an attorney as having one from the very beginning can make all of the difference to the outcome of your case. Here are some of the reasons why you never want to defend yourself and explanations of the importance of having a good criminal attorney working on your case.

You can easily say the wrong things

When you have been arrested for a crime, the things that you say can be used against you from the start. Also, while you may think that you aren't saying anything wrong, those things can be turned against you in court by people who's job it is to know how to make something you meant as one way look as if it directly points toward your guilt. This is why an attorney who is working for you is very important. They will direct you with regards to when to talk, when not to, and what things you don't want to say because they can be used against you in the manner described above.

You need someone looking at evidence for your benefit

When the DA is putting a case together against you, they will be looking through all types of evidence and going over facts in order to use all of those things to prove your guilt. However, a defense attorney can go over those same things and possibly find ways to show your innocence, or just to bring about reasonable doubt. If there is reasonable doubt regarding your guilt, then it is possible that you won't be convicted.

You may get a deal

In many cases, plea deals are made in which you can end up serving much less time if you agree to plead guilty to a lower charge. A criminal attorney can be a great asset for you to have working on your side when it comes to getting the best possible plea deal for you. Not only will you do less time with this type of deal, but you will also have that lesser-serious charge be the one on your record, rather than the worse offense.


If you have been arrested for a serious offense, such as child pornography, then you want to meet with an experienced child pornography attorney