You Cannot Ignore A Traffic Ticket

Often, there is a certain level of contention between the ticketing officer's account of the violation and what the driver's perception is. As a result, there are plenty of drivers who do not agree with the ticket or citation, which is okay. However, what is not okay is to let your disagreement turn into a lack of response. No matter how much you do not agree with the violation you have received, you cannot simply ignore it and expect it to go away.

Charge Reduction

One factor that is sometimes overlooked is the fact that charges can be changed. Consider a violation for reckless driving, for instance. Although the officer might have written the citation for this violation, if the individual presents compelling evidence at court, they may be able to have the charge reduced to a standard speeding ticket. 

However, this progress can only be made if you show up to court and follow through. Even if you are unable to go to court, you can hire an attorney that will stand-in on your behalf and argue to have your charges reduced, if possible. 

Automatic Conviction

If you do not take this matter seriously and follow through with the citation, you can expect an automatic conviction. Judges typically hear tens of cases in a single traffic court session. When they call a case and the defendant, or an attorney that is representing them, is not present, the judge has the right to continue their case or pass down an automatic conviction.

If you are passed down an automatic conviction, you will be assigned ticket and court fines, and the driving infraction will automatically be placed on your record. It is always much better when you show up. 

Arrest Warrant

In some instances, a failure to follow through with a citation will lead to an arrest warrant. As previously stated, once you are convicted of a violation, you will be assigned a fine, and the court will give you a certain period of time to pay the fine. If you do not pay the fine within a reasonable time, the court can put out a warrant for your arrest. 

Whether you agree with the officer's account or not, an attorney can help you avoid an arrest by helping you get an extension to pay your ticket fine or working with the court to seek an alternative sentence. So, it is more beneficial for you not to ignore the matter. 

If you have a citation that you do not agree with, remember now is the time to speak with a traffic court lawyer. Your attorney will fight to ensure your side of the situation is heard.