Hiring A Battery Lawyer To Safeguard Your Reputation And Freedom

When you have been accused of assaulting another person, you could face severe punishments, depending on where you live, that can include lengthy jail terms and expensive fines. The legal consequences that you face can depend significantly on the evidence against you, as well as how effectively that you defend yourself in court.

To avoid harsh punishments, you need to hire an experienced attorney to defend you. You can get the counsel and assistance that you need to defend yourself properly by hiring an assertive battery lawyer to take your case.

Refuting the Evidence

The victim in your case may argue that you blindly attacked them without reason. They may say that you acted unprovoked and intended to inflict the worst possible damage. 

However, your battery lawyer can refute this testimony and any evidence against you in court. They may be able to prove that you acted in self-defense. Your battery lawyer may also show that the incident was an accident and that you did not mean to inflict any injury on the victim.

The tactics of your battery lawyer might be sufficient in convincing the judge or jury to find in your favor. You might receive the least amount of punishment or be found innocent altogether.

Pleading Down the Case

Your battery lawyer may also be able to plead down the case against you. They may use your lack of a prior record to your benefit in court. Your battery lawyer may also argue that your age and lack of experience in the world contributed to your actions.

Based on their arguments, the prosecutor may agree to drop down the charges to a misdemeanor. They might be willing to allow you to plead to a lesser charge and avoid going to jail for months or years.

Launching Counter Action

Finally, your battery lawyer may launch counteraction against the person that accused you of attacking them. They may use the facts of the case to show that the alleged victim actually attacked you. This counteraction may be sufficient in getting the other party to drop their accusations and case against you.

A battery lawyer can defend you against claims of assault against another person. They may show you are innocent or plead down the case. They can also use counter legal action against the accuser if the case merits. Contact a battery lawyer that works in your area to learn more.