How The Use Of A Weapon During A Sexual Assault Can Aggravate Your Charges

Several aggravating factors can make your sexual assault case challenging to win and cause the judge to hand you a maximum sentence. For instance, you risk getting a severe punishment for using a weapon when undertaking the crime. Usually, the use of a weapon attracts hefty fines and long jail terms. However, you can avert a potentially harsh judgment by hiring a legal advisor to represent your case in court. Here's how using a weapon during a sexual assault can worsen your charges and why you need legal help.

You Might Face Aggravated Sexual Assault Charges

If investigations reveal that you used a weapon to threaten the complainant before assaulting them sexually, you might face aggravated sexual assault charges. This could make you receive a life-altering punishment. Usually, the punishment will depend on how you used the weapon when committing the crime. For example, having the weapon with you but not using it isn't as bad as using it to hurt the victim, which could add to the charges or increase your penalties. And the punishment can escalate if you injure the victim while assaulting them. So before answering the charges, ask your attorney how the weapon will affect your case outcome. They will develop various strategies to counter any allegations tabled by the prosecution.

You Can Avoid a Harsh Judgment by Getting Legal Help

The best way to avoid a harsh judgment is by seeking legal help from a criminal defense lawyer before being arraigned in court. First, they will explain to you the legal standing of your charges and the potential penalties. To receive as much help as possible from your attorney, do not withhold crucial information during your first consultative meeting. That way, they can devise strategies to get you off the hook, whether you are guilty or not. 

A strong defense can sufficiently convince the judge that you don't deserve to get a harsh punishment. That might include an argument that you were not at the scene where the plaintiff claims the incident happened. Besides, your attorney could argue that you never intended to hurt the complainant with your weapon. Then, they can ask the judge not to punish you for having it when the assault happened.

Aggravated sexual charges can put you at risk of receiving a maximum sentence. Because of this, you need to enlist the services of a criminal defense attorney. They will present strong evidence to counter the information presented by the prosecution and convince the judge not to offer you a harsh judgment. For more information, contact a criminal lawyer near you.