Should You Represent Yourself In An OWI Case? Top Reasons To Avoid It

One of the choices you might have to make when dealing with an OWI is whether to hire a lawyer or represent yourself. Often, people make the mistake of thinking that OWIs are easy to handle or that they can argue their way out of a conviction. However, you should know the consequences of getting a conviction outweigh any costs you might incur by hiring an OWI lawyer. Therefore, it is best to engage one for your case. Here are the top reasons you should not represent yourself in an OWI.

You Might Not Have the Right Defenses

You will need a solid defense if you want to be successful with an OWI case. Hence, as someone with little to no experience in legal matters, you might not know what information makes a good defense and what does not. Further, even if you are innocent, you might not have the information and skill it takes to present it in a manner to get you acquitted. On the other hand, a competent OWI lawyer will help you even if you are guilty. They know all the errors that officers might make during the arrest and can use that in your favor. More importantly, they know the violations that can help get the charges dismissed.

You Cannot Handle Court Procedures and Paperwork

If you choose to represent yourself, you will have to process all your paperwork. You should know even though this might seem like a simple process, there are a lot of complex documents to handle. Furthermore, minor mistakes in the paperwork can delay the case and affect the outcome negatively. Also, the judges might impose worse consequences if you unknowingly violate the rules.

You Might Not Know How to Make a Plea Bargain

It is also crucial to consider the possibility of making a plea bargain. That said, plea bargains depend on the evidence you have gathered, which must be convincing. More so, a prosecutor will avoid taking a case they might lose in court. That said, you need a competent OWI offense lawyer to convince the team that you have a rock-solid argument. The prosecution is also more likely to listen to the lawyer than they would listen to you. In addition, if the plea bargain does not work, the next step should be going to court. Hence, do not handle an OWI trial without the expertise of a competent lawyer if you want a successful plea bargain.

These are crucial reasons why you shouldn't handle an OWI without the help of a competent lawyer. So, find one today to represent you and get the ideal case outcome. To learn more, contact a relevant law office in your area such as Cohen Law Offices, LLC.