Arrested For A DUI? Here Are Additional Costs Of A DUI Conviction

When it comes to being convicted of a DUI, there are far more costs involved than fines, court costs and lawyer fees. If you are waiting for your court hearing date following a DUI arrest, you might be concerned about the possibility of being found guilty, charged fines, and losing time from work due to being in jail. But, there are other costs that you may need to cover.  

3 Defenses If You're Caught With A Prescription Tranquilizer That's Not Yours

Have you been caught with a prescription tranquilizer that is not yours? You will need a drug defense attorney. You must get one to take on your case right away, because this is a serious charge. According to, authorities are cracking down on people who have prescription tranquilizers that aren't theirs, because accidental overdoses of these and similar drugs is the number one cause of accidental death in the United States.

Understanding Plea Bargains And Considerations To Keep In Mind Before Signing A Deal

In the American legal system, as well as in several other nations that have inherited English common law systems, the plea bargain is an important component in the application of criminal justice. Its usage is widespread, and the plea bargain can benefit defendants who are facing possible sanctions as a result of an alleged crime. For individuals charged with a crime, a plea bargain may well be the ideal choice in their circumstances.