Does Cheating Impact Your Divorce Case?

Divorce is already a difficult process, especially when emotions get heated. Emotions are more likely to become heated when adultery, or cheating, is involved. In these cases, you might wonder if your divorce case will be impacted. Adultery is grounds for divorce in many states, and in some states, you do not need grounds for divorce at all. Regardless, cheating can still impact your divorce. Adultery Can Impact Your Alimony

When Having A Prescription Doesn't Matter To Law Enforcement

You might be shocked at finding yourself behind bars after a driving under the influence (DUI) charge even if you had not been drinking. Almost any type of substance can create issues when driving, even legally prescribed ones. To find out more and learn what to do when a DUI happens to you, read on. Using Prescription Drugs It's not illegal to use prescribed substances. It is illegal, though, to drive while impaired by a substance.