Should You Represent Yourself In An OWI Case? Top Reasons To Avoid It

One of the choices you might have to make when dealing with an OWI is whether to hire a lawyer or represent yourself. Often, people make the mistake of thinking that OWIs are easy to handle or that they can argue their way out of a conviction. However, you should know the consequences of getting a conviction outweigh any costs you might incur by hiring an OWI lawyer. Therefore, it is best to engage one for your case.

How The Use Of A Weapon During A Sexual Assault Can Aggravate Your Charges

Several aggravating factors can make your sexual assault case challenging to win and cause the judge to hand you a maximum sentence. For instance, you risk getting a severe punishment for using a weapon when undertaking the crime. Usually, the use of a weapon attracts hefty fines and long jail terms. However, you can avert a potentially harsh judgment by hiring a legal advisor to represent your case in court. Here's how using a weapon during a sexual assault can worsen your charges and why you need legal help.

Avoid These 4 Will Preparation And Estate Planning Mistakes

Setting up a will and planning an estate are both important tasks. However, people are prone to making a handful of basic mistakes that can create more problems than they solve. A will and estate planning lawyer will encourage their clients to examine these four common issues before putting pen to paper. Failing to Speak With Beneficiaries It is easy to assume you have a good read on who would benefit from what your estate has to offer.